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Silk Rugs

Silk Rugs

Welcome to the realm of our silk rugs at SayRug, where tradition meets sophistication. Acclaimed for their luxurious sheen and intricate designs, our curated selection of silk rugs offers a splash of elegance that will surely enrich any room. The beauty of silk rugs lies in their timeless appeal, offering a touch of regality to your home décor.

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Bring oriental tales into your home

Rugs made of silk deserve to have a separate place among furnishings. The yarn fineness allows weavers to produce the accessory of extreme detail and quality. There is nothing quite like handmade silk rugs. They are considered to be the world’s premium floor covering.

Incredible mastery

Every element is carefully worked out in order to create the completely planned and astonishing design or motif. The pattern intricacy often boggles the minds ― the knot count could be 250-1000 knots per square inch. That is why sometimes such rugs are worth a fortune.

The most popular silks are:

  • Chinese
  • Persian
  • Kashmiri

Comparing to woolen items, a silk rug usually has great detailing. It adds a lot to a sense of luxury in your house, increasing the comfort as well.

If you search for real silk rugs in the UK ― scroll through our models. The selection is not only vast ― the uniqueness is proper too. You will most likely find the one you sought for in no time. Add the ambience, individuality and luxury to your house!

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