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Hemp Rugs

Hemp Rugs

+ 5 Sizes

Stringhe Nut Brown Rug

from £843.00 for 1 pcs.
+ 5 Sizes

Stringhe Iron Rug

from £843.00 for 1 pcs.
+ 2 Sizes

Barby Rock Rug

from £1,352.00 for 1 pcs.
+ 3 Sizes

Milano Sand Rug by Sitap

from £840.00 for 1 pcs.
+ 2 Sizes

Milano Black Rug by Sitap

from £893.00 for 1 pcs.
+ 2 Sizes

Ligabue Rug

from £1,557.00 for 1 pcs.
+ 2 Sizes

Rubik Rug

from £2,000.00 for 1 pcs.
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Find Your Best Hemp Rugs in the UK

These natural area rugs are able to transform your interior in no time. There are many colours, patterns, and styles ― such versatility allows you to pick out the best solution for your home décor.

Hemp rugs have become rather popular due to the original designs and patterns. Not only are they natural, but also add some sophisticated touch to interiors. Another great thing is that you can put them down either indoors or outdoors.

Beautiful and lasting material

A natural hemp rug is notable for the following features:

  • Resiliency
  • Durability
  • Wear and tear resistance
  • Environmental friendliness
  • Prolonged lifespan

Affordable price makes hemp textile a very good choice for any décor. These rugs would definitely bring some comfort and natural beauty to your home or any other premises.

SayRug provides you with an opportunity to look through a great collection of classy textiles. We encourage you to find a rug that you have always dreamed about. Hopefully, you like delightful accessories as much as we do!

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