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Oval Rugs

Oval Rugs

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Oval Rugs: Unusual Shape for Extraordinary People

Even though rectangular rugs are considered to be more traditional, oval-shaped textile provides you with a nice option. Such shape works perfectly when there is a need to make rectangular space a little bit softer. Thus, it could be a good addition to the overall design of a room.

The rounded contour should be your choice when you want to put it down in oddly shaped rooms. They are also great if you need to make some designation of certain areas.

Versatility of oval-shaped rugs

Oval rugs look great when they are put down under an oval table, for example, in the dining room. The same applies to oval-shaped sofa tables.

This textile can be:

  • Hand-knotted
  • Machine-woven
  • Vintage
  • Contemporary
  • Viscose
  • Woolen

This shape is also good for either small or large bathrooms. By the way, you can look through the online catalogue to find some large oval rugs.

Unlike traditional shapes, it is often difficult to find an oval rug that excellently fits your room. Nevertheless, feel free to explore the SayRug website ― we hope you will find the very furnishing you like!

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